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LPS has been providing the Las Vegas, Reno, and Carson City Metro Areas and the entire state of Nevada with professional and quality service of process, including Small Claims, since 1982.

Small Claim Service, How to File a Small Claim, Send Demand Letter, Legal Action and Court Fees


LPS staff can take your small claims case from beginning to end, making the process as simple as possible for you. We prepare, file, and serve the documents. All that is left is for you to do is show up at the hearing/mediation to present your case. Once the judgment has been received and upon your request, LPS can proceed with preparation and filing of Writs for wage garnishment or property liens. We are here to help our clients navigate the process effectively.   

Small Claims FAQ

Overview of the Small Claims Process

Document Preparation (Small Claims Complaint, Writ of Execution)

Prompt Service of Process (includes Notarized Affidavit)

Timely document preparation and filing of Complaints and Writs for Small Claims



Mail a demand for payment letter via Certified Mail. The court requires that this be done prior to filing your Small Claims case. The letter must state 1) amount owed, 2) what the amount owed is for and 3) if after ten (10) days there has been no response to the demand letter, a Small Claims case can be filed. Please contact LPS for assistance with filing your Small Claims case. More

SECOND STEP: LEGAL ACTION AND COURT FEES Upon completion of the Small Claims documents, filing fees must be tendered to the Justice Court of jurisdiction. Filing fees are determinant on the amount of the suit. See the table at the following link for a fee breakdown. More



Once the case has been filed, the Defendant must be served with a copy of the Small Claims Complaint. For cases filed in the Las Vegas Justice Court, a Small Claims Answer and Instructions to Defendant must accompany the Complaint. The Defendant has twenty (20) calendar days from the day of service, to respond by filing an answer with the court and mailing a copy to the Plaintiff.
A) If the Defendant does file an answer, a Mediation will be scheduled. The court will notify all parties of the hearing date and time via mail. In the event parties cannot come to an agreement at the Mediation Hearing, a court date will be assigned and the case will be heard before a judge.
B) If Defendant does not file an answer within twenty (20) calendar days of being served, Plaintiff may submit a Motion for Default Judgment to the court. Please contact LPS Small Claims Specialists for assistance with document preparation and filing of the Motion for Default Judgment.


Once Complaint has been filed, the case will be assigned a hearing date. The Defendant must be served with a copy of the Complaint within ten (10) calendar days of the hearing. Service may be effected at either residence or place of employment/business. If Defendant is served at place of employment/business, personal service is required. Once the Defendant has been served, the Affidavit of Service must be filed with the court in a timely manner so as to confirm your case on calendar. A decision will be rendered by the court at the hearing. More

FOURTH STEP: FINALIZING THE JUDGMENT If Plaintiff obtains judgment against the Defendant, they may then file a Writ of Execution to either: 1) Garnish Wages; 2) Lien Property (e.g. home); 3) Levy Bank Account (must know bank account number); 4) Levy Cash Drawer (if Defendant is a business). More

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LPS Small Claims Specialists are trained and ready to assist you with the Small Claims process. Upon your instruction, LPS staff will complete all documentation oversee the filing and service of process and will be LPS Staff can assist you with Writs of Garnishment and Property Liens after judgment. More

We are trained and ready to assist you with the Small Claims process. Upon your instruction, LPS staff will complete all small claims documentation oversee the filing and service of small claims process and will be sure to file small claims affidavits when completed. All you need we are trained and ready to assist you with service of process, we will complete all documentation and oversee the filingto do is show up for the small claims hearing. Additionally, LPS Staff can assist you with Writs of Garnishment and Property Liens after judgment. Since 1982 Legal Process Service (LPS) has established itself as a quality provider of service of process for small claims. With two full service offices in Las Vegas and Reno / Carson City Nevada, LPS is able to handle any and all service of process needs including small claims. We excel in "Immediate, Priority, and Special" handlings. A commitment to courtesy and adherence to Statutes of Civil Procedure is fundamental. LPS provides timely turnaround and informative updates. Whether it is statewide, national or international service, the LPS staff is here for you!LPS has 3 types of service handlings, Routine (7-10 days); Priority (48 hrs); and Rush/Immediate (same day/24 hrs). Service fees include multiple attempts, including weekends at no additional charge, over the window of time specified for each handling. Additionally, LPS is ready to handle your Specialty needs, including international service. Fees for Specialty services are quoted upon request. No matter what the handling, your service is put in to the field for service the same day it is received. LAS VEGAS NEVADA Legal Process Service 724 South 8th Street Las Vegas, NV 89101 Toll Free: 888-568-5566 Phone: 702-471-7255 Fax: 702-471-7248 RENO NEVADA Legal Process Service 105 Mary Street Reno, NV 89509 Toll Free: 866-450-8409 Phone: 775-323-7070 Fax: 775-323-7072 OFFICE HOURS Monday thru Friday 8:30 AM till 5:00 PM

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