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About Legal Process Service

LPS is first and foremost a “service” company. Established in 1982 by Las Vegas resident R.V. Brand, what began as a small 2 person office has grown to include two offices and a 20+ person staff. LPS has two full service offices in Nevada (Las Vegas and Reno/Carson City). What made this growth possible for LPS is a dedication to service and our clients. LPS defines its success by our ability to provide our clients with knowledgeable assistance and peace of mind. LPS is built around “team spirit” and a desire to instill an indestructible level of confidence in the service we proudly provide. At Legal Process Service “every serve is our only serve”.

Legal Process Service Team Members - Cumulatively possess over 70 years of experience in the industry

Norma McMahan – Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer - Norma’s ability to excel in any position she has held is defined by her commitment to service and anticipating the ‘what ifs.’ Norma puts her best foot forward and never loses sight of the next person. Also, hand in hand is the necessity to focus on our client’s ultimate goal and how to best meet it. Norma is a pioneer in the service of process industry.

Roy McMahan – Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer - Years of success in managing personal finance and investments provides Roy with the aptitude and vision to effectively manage the finance side of Legal Process Service. Roy provides the vision that keeps us technologically competitive and ahead of our competitors.

Sophia Paterson – Operations Manager – Sophia has a long history with Legal Process Service; in fact, you could say she grew up at Legal Process Service. Sophia is responsible for all day to day operations at all Legal Process Service locations.

Josefina Medina – Southern Nevada Office Manager – Josefina oversees the day to day operations of the LPS Southern Nevada office. Her long experience in Las Vegas provides her special insight to clients in Clark County and beyond.

LPS Process Servers – All employee process servers are registered through the State of Nevada Attorney General Office, Private Investigators’ Licensing Board. All employee process servers must pass a background check and are registered to work under Legal Process Service state license #604. LPS process servers are trained to adhere to the appropriate rules of civil procedure and to provide courteous and timely service.