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Legal Process Service - Serving Las Vegas, Reno, Carson City, and Nevada

Legal Process Service (LPS) has been providing the Las Vegas, Reno, and Carson City Metro areas and the entire state of Nevada with professional and quality service of process since 1982. Our staff and process servers are professionals and are committed to getting results.

LPS is very aware of the importance a knowledgeable and reliable process server. Therefore, it is a constant work in progress anticipating and identifying client needs and developing services to better meet them. LPS has knowledgeable personnel to assist national and international requests for our clients. LPS has developed a network of reliable contacts and providers throughout the United States and abroad that enables us to ensure a constant commitment to quality service and adherence to rules of civil procedure. LPS wants to be your one stop for service of process!

Eviction Services

Convenience is the focus of service for our clients. Though we operate primarily out of the Las Vegas, Carson City, and Reno areas, LPS staff is trained in the summary eviction process for the various counties within the state of Nevada. We offer our services to people all over the nation. We understand the importance that eviction requests be tended to expeditiously. Our eviction clients range from large property management companies to private landlords. We are here to help our clients navigate the “summary eviction” process effectively and expeditiously. Our goal is that our clients use our eviction services with confidence. Go to Eviction Services Page


LPS knowledgeable staff is here to assist you with every step of the Small Claims process. LPS Small Claims service is designed to address our clients’ important schedule. LPS will prepare the small claims documents, and file them with the court. LPS process servers will then serve the documents and affidavits will be filed in a timely manner with the court of jurisdiction. All that is left for our client to do is show up at the hearing to present their case. LPS will provide copies all small claims documentation so that our client is prepared for the hearing.

Once the judgment has been rendered by the court, upon client request, LPS can proceed with preparation and filing of Writs for wage garnishment or property liens. We are here to help our clients navigate the process effectively. Go to Small Claims Page


LPS has more than 30 years of experience in the service of process industry. We have cultivated a list of preferred vendors throughout the country and internationally. Our Interstate Department can handle your service efficiently and economically. Clients can depend on timely electronic updates concerning status. LPS prides itself on quality service of process and follows strict adherence to states’ codes of civil procedure. All service fees quoted include multiple attempts. Expedited handling is our specialty!

Besides national service of process, LPS can also assist with clients’ needs to domestic a Subpoena outside the state of jurisdiction (foreign deposition subpoenas). LPS personnel have extensive knowledge with assisting clients when it comes to issuing subpoenas for out-of-state depositions.


LPS has 4 types of service handlings:

  • Routine (7-10 days)
  • Business Routine (2-3 business days)
  • Priority (48 hours)
  • Immediate (same day/24 hours)

All LPS service fees (with the exclusion of time and mileage service requests) include multiple attempts, weekend tries at no additional charge, notarized affidavits and timely updates.

LPS also offers “on demand” and specialty service handling –

  • Arranged/Surprised Meetings
  • Stakeouts
  • Evasive Individuals
  • Convention Services
  • International Services

Fees for Specialty services are quoted upon request.


Over our thirty years in business, LPS has cultivated a list of preferred vendors’ throughout the world. Our International Services Department strives to get your service completed as promptly, efficiently and economically as possible. You can depend on efficient electronic updates concerning status and completion of your service. LPS prides itself on quality service of process and follows strict adherence to your states codes of civil procedure.


LPS skip tracing specialists are dedicated to obtaining results! Our skip tracing specialists boast a high success rate when it comes to locating defendants, witnesses, and other various entities. LPS understands the importance and necessity of a thorough skip trace. Many times courts of jurisdiction will require that a diligent effort be made to locate the individual/entity before an order for alternate service of process will be granted and/or a default judgment is secured. LPS skip tracing specialists are aware of these requirements and are diligent in their efforts. Skip tracing begins on the local front and can expand nationally as needed.


Court Filings - At Window

When law firms need to get court filings done and conformed copies back quickly, the smart choice is Legal Process Service (LPS). LPS will assign a dedicated runner to your filing request and will handle your filing "at window". Prompt updates are provided and conformed copies returned electronically. LPS can assist with court filings anywhere in Nevada as well as, the U.S.

E-Filing - Nevada

LPS will move your legal documents with speed and accuracy through the e-filing system as utilized by Nevada courts. LPS staff will promptly submit all e-filing requests, remit e-filing fees, and conformed copies will be provided electronically. The ease and timeliness of this service is a plus for many of our busy clients.

County Recordings

LPS personnel can offer assistance with recording of a document. Our staff can provide assistance with recording real property or land documents (i.e., Deeds, Quit Claim Deed, Deed Upon Death, Grant Bargain Sale, Trustee Deed, etc.) as well as, other types of documents, (Abstract of Judgment; Mechanic's Lien, Notice of Non-Responsibility, etc). LPS will provide information on recording fees and county requirements for the recording. Additionally, a dedicated LPS runner will be assigned to handle your recording "at window". A prompt electronic update is provided with recording confirmation.

LPS can also offer assistance with recordings on a national basis.

Court and County Recorder Record Searches

Legal Process Service can offer assistance with court and county recorded record searches. Standard procedure for court record searches will begin with retrieval of the case docket sheet and/or Register of Actions. Clients will be provided a detailed list of documents filed to the case. Client can then carefully review and request copies. LPS will address all copy requests in a timely manner. A fee is incurred for record searches and copies are billed accordingly. A similar procedure is followed with county recorder searches. Some of the most common and requested types of record searches are for Marriage License/ Abstract of Marriage recordings, Divorce Decrees, Judgments, Mechanic's Liens, etc. Please click here for assistance with a records search.