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OUR Technology: Clients can Access their Data in Real Time

see the status of a file in real time

Legal Process Service (LPS) owns one of the most sophisticated software systems available in our industry.

Our technology enables our Process Servers to reach their locations faster and update their serves more efficiently which translates into better pricing for our clients.

You may have seen the Client Login on our header. That’s a secure section of our website for our clients to be able to access their files with a unique individual user name and password. No need to wait until the office is open, you can access the status of your file at any time. We know that our clients work around the clock and often need information after hours. Access updated service attempt details and more on Saturday, Sunday, holidays, etc. Our Client Website never closes. Beyond just status, our clients can access and download service documents and invoices.

Our Clients can:

  • Access their data in real time to see the status of a file
  • Request New Services
  • Upload your documents directly to LPS
  • View Statements & Pay Balance